Compare rates

Actual shipping prices are available 24/7 immediately, just input the route and dimensions of your cargo. No need to wait for offers, best carriers already shared their prices with FREUGHT.

Order delivery

Pick a carrier and send an shipping order. Use drafts, templates and other features to ship with a few clicks next time.

Track and keep in touch

Track delivery and stay posted by carrier within Platform. Be sure not to miss anything, having notifications in your mailbox.

Streamline docs and payables

While having access to the whole bunch of transport options, FREUGHT customers work enjoy one-stop benefits.

For shippers

First to market with listed carriers offers

Quick and easy order placement

Vetted and verified cargo delivery providers

One-stop for payables and shipping history

For carriers

Flexible tariff management framework

No idle requests, just orders for delivery

Automatized pick-up arrangement

Outsourced invoicing and debt collecting

FREUGHT is a fair marketplace for road cargo shipping with unprecedented openness and transparency. Shippers enjoy listed prices from reliable carriers and book deliveries 24/7 with no preludes. Carriers streamline rate management and market their best services directly to cargo owners.

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Anton Vaganov Project vision and team direction
The creator of the idea is an insightful, ambitious, energetic mentor with extensive project management experience. He is the compass of our team that does not allow us to deviate from the common goal. Anton turns the problems that arise at work into easy-to-solve tasks.
Irena Bološka Cooperation with carriers
Irena is the most responsible and thoughtful person in our team. She is friends with carriers for a long time and helps them to take their first steps on the FREUGHT platform. Patiently and thoroughly solves any problems. Attentive to details.
Rolan Riabov Customer support
Rolan's responsibilities include resolving customer queries, recommending solutions, and guiding product users through features and functionalities. The way he succeeds in this role is because he is an excellent communicator who's able to earn our client's trust.


About Freught

What is Freught?

Freught is an innovative company that combines IT solutions with logistics. The company’s main focus is concentrated on the transportation of partially loaded (LTL) cargo by road in Europe.

How does the platform work?

  • You enter the route and load parameters
  • You compare immediately generated bids
  • You are filling out an order
  • You easily monitor the progress of the load
  • You accept the delivered cargo
  • You pay through the platform in one account

What makes the FREUGHT platform unique?

FREUGHT is the only partial cargo delivery service with calculated rates and the possibility to predict the delivery time online.

The main advantages of the platform:

  • Quick order (fill in a short form and place an order in 2-4 minutes)
  • Compare prices (After entering the data and the route, you can immediately see the prices of the inspected carriers.)
  • Monitor progress
  • See carrier and shipper order matching and delivery stages
  • Work with one financial partner (receive invoices only from FREUGHT and work with all carriers.)

What fees will I have to pay to use the FREUGHT Platform?

You can get started without any fees, and we do not charge any subscription or registration fees. The platform only applies a commission fee, which is calculated from the amount of transportation. 

The commission for the first month costs 0 euros.

Registration and authorization

Registration on the platform

Registration for the platform for customers –

Registration for carriers on the platform –

Click the “Register” button and enter your email. 

Check your email (including the spam folder). In a few minutes, you should receive an email with a link to activate your account.

How to properly fill in profile for client

You can fill in your profile information only when your account is activated.

Make sure you fill-up correct information:

  • Your name
  • Your last name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number

By agreeing to the privacy policy and the rules for the processing of personal data, click save data.

How to properly fill in company profile for a customer

On the company details page – fill in all the required information (your company name, VAT code, registration code, company address, telephone number, e-mail.)

Also, select the language of the documents, click Save details and wait for confirmation.

How to properly fill in company data for carriers

In order to use the platform without restrictions, you must first fill in the company information.

You can do this by choosing ”Settings” – ”Information about the company”.

Fill up all of the required information:

Your company registration code
VAT number
Company address
Name of the legal person
Company name and description for clients
You can also upload the company logo

After you will fill up the information, click save and wait for a confirmation e-mail.

Company approval on the platform for customers

You will receive 2 different emails after completing your business information correctly.

First letter: To sign the FREUGHT General Terms and Conditions via ”Dokobit”, it must be signed by an authorized representative of the company.

Second letter: When the FREUGHT team receives the signed contract from Dokobit and verifies the details of the company you have submitted, we will send a letter confirming that your company has been approved.

Transport booking

How is cargo orders filled?

Step 1: Select the Quantity and Dimensions of the Load: These can be loads on pallets or other types of packaging.

Step 2: Select your country of departure by entering your zip code or city name.

Step 3: Select a destination by entering a zipcode or city name.

Cargo pickup coordination

Pick-up from the shipper is coordinated by the carrier itself, and you will only monitor the process and delivery stages using the platform-tools.

Communication between the participants of the cargo transportation

We have an intelligent email algorithm, and communication between the parties takes place through the Platform Messenger and via email.

Pick-up issues are coordinated via e-mail. Most emails are automated, so there is no need to correspond with the carrier and sender separately.

During the messenger, the customer coordinates additional issues with the carrier.


Cargo queries

Is our cargo insured?

Yes, your cargo is covered by double insurance. You will have mandatory insurance under the CMR Convention from the carriers’ side and additional insurance from FREUGHT company.

How are invoices coordinated with carriers?

Invoices do not need to be coordinated with the carriers, they are issued immediately after delivery of the cargo, so you do not have to wait or send additional inquiries. Although you can carry with different carriers, you only receive invoices from FREUGHT.

Who is responsible for the cargo and delivery terms?

Under European transport logistics rules, the responsibility always lies with the carrier. Our team does everything to resolve issues peacefully and without dispute.

Who is responsible for not providing information?

As both the carrier and the customer have an interest in picking up and delivering cargo as quickly as possible during the cargo transportation process. All participants in the cargo transportation are required to disclose all necesarry information and communicate it in a timely manner.

Our team monitors the communication of FREUGHT platform users and promptly agrees on the provision of additional, urgent or missing information.

Platform management for carriers

How to connect services?

From the main MENU, Select ServiceService Management.

On the Service Management page:

Add countries from which you are delivering cargo.
Add destination to which country you are delivering cargo.
Add additional services from the list. ( If an invoice is required, EX issuance of departure and cargo insurance. )

P.S Select only those countries whose prices you are willing to post. We recommend starting with your main countries and others you can connect with at any time.
Once you have successfully added all the information – click save the changes and you are good to fill up tariffs.

How to add tariffs?

After you connect the service, click tariffs on the green screen.

On the tariffs page, there are 3 main options:

Delivery to destination country
Distribution at the destination country
Additional services

On delivery to the destination country, select the departure country from the list you’ve created.
After choosing the country, the new window will show up, where you need to fill in all necessary information:
Transit time
Delivery price for different ( LDM, Gross weight, and, Volume m3 ).

On distribution at the destination country, select the destination country – LITHUANIA. The new window will show up, where you need to fill in:
  • transit time
  • delivery prices
After you will finish setting up the document, just simply press Save the changes and the tariffs will be saved successfully.

Service management

After saving your tariffs, you can activate services through the service management page.

Always pay attention to the status of your services, it can be: Turned on. Published. Turned on. Not published. or Turned off.

When you are ready to publish your services, click the publish button. Your services will only be active and visible to all customers when the status of the services is Published. Turned on.

How to add members?

Invite people to your team to exchange ideas and work together. Enter team members: email addresses and assign each person a team role, either individually or invite multiple people with the same role at once.

To add or invite members to your team:

1. Click on ’’Settings’’ and then ’’Users’’ to access this section.
2. On the left pane select ’’Add User’’.
3. Fill out the new user information and click: Add to.

You can also choose if you would like to give Administrator rights to the user. The Administrator can edit company information, change tariffs, add and delete users.